Friday, April 29, 2011


Seems the public is quite infatuated with Kate's bod?
Understandably so!
That is, afterall, how she caught the Prince's eye;
Kate appeared in a charity fashion show sporting a bikini!

Meanwhile... When you google Prince William...

{via Cup of Jo}

The Royal Wedding!

For all of you who know me well know that I have a sublime inclination to adore the Royals.  Well, not THE royals, Princess Diana fascinated me very most.  
So, it only makes sense for my affections to now transfer to Princess Catherine Middleton!  
Royal Wedding Photos {}

Gasp!  Did you see the wedding?  It was stunning, surreal and incredible!  As always, she was gorgeous!

Kate's arrival.  

Beckhams got the invite!
Oh, Harry...

How do we feel about the hat choice
on Princess' Beatrice & Eugene?
Too far?
We wish we were invited too!
I suppose I would try some...
She's lovely...
Adore this photo of Kate's father giving her away.  

What do you think?  
Did you get stay up to see the wedding?!

{photos via - British Monarchy}


Love of Fair, our wedding & event planning venture!
Surprised?  Probably not.  We're certain so many of you saw this coming...

Love of Fair our wedding and event planning company that virtually fell into our laps has come to fruition, on the Royal Wedding Day!!!  What luck, we didn't plan that at all...

A little about our birth story.  After clamoring to find an event planner and meeting oodles in Vancouver Kim saw a niche that was not quite fulfilled for what she was seeking & what we're certain so many others are in search of.  Spending countless hours a day for nearly two years researching everything wedding and becoming very versed in all that is involved it became clear that wedding and event planning could become a reality.  Enter Chanel.  Kim and Chanel have known one another for 15 years; the combination of us two is ideal!  While Kim can spend hours with her head in the clouds generating ideas & obsessing over charming inspirations Chanel is the lady who looks into making these ideas feasible and hops to it!  Both, however, are incredibly organized and have a passion for gorgeous affairs!  Love of Fair is our endeavor of delight.

We fancy you visit us often, wherever it is you frequent - Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Email or Pinterest.   
So cheers, friends, to the future and gorgeous events!


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