We’re flattered you’d like to know more!

We're an events company based in Vancouver, B.C. that adores every sort of festivity there is, but most especially we swoon for the occasions where loves in particular is celebrated! So please, drop us a line, an email, a poke, a tweet, follow us just about anywhere on the web (or in person if you wish); we can't wait to hear from you!
A wedding can be a time of overwhelming glee, a time when you would love to be immersed in engagement bliss.  That’s where we come in and make this vision a reality! Enthralled with fresh, unique details, we'd be delighted to help wherever necessary.
With backgrounds in virtually everything there is (event planning, photography, marketing, ballet, business, English and education) we’re positive we’re equipped to dabble with anything you could possibly ask of us!  

Chanel makes herself at home in the charmed realm of Yaletown, Vancouver.  Her background includes marketing, business and event planning. Chanel worked tirelessly to help pull off the Olympics in Vancouver 2010!  Of course it was all her and the most exciting hoopla of all time could never have taken place without her. Obviously.
Kimberly finds happiness in making plans for gatherings daily, weekly, monthly and yearly!  Most recently, she likes to throw large scale shindigs out in Denver, CO.  Kim has followed her heart (literally) to Denver but returns to Vancouver on a whim as well as for the Spring/Summer yearly.  Kim holds degrees & backgrounds in Ballet, teaching & English.  

We love every beautiful detail that is a part of planning and we’re sure you will love seeing our experiences, ideas and inspirations on all things celebratory unravel on our blog!
Inevitably we’ll have a little something for everything and everyone.

Cheers, friends! k&c

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