Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sharing: My Very Own Bridal Shower!

Ok, I'm going to gush because it's so necessary.  I am not an easy gal to please when it comes to pretty parties, among other things.  I would love to say that anything would have done just fine (and truth be told, at the end of the day this is actually how I sincerely feel) but I was really, really looking forward to my bridal shower!  It's a day when you get to completely, shamelessly indulge in being girls and indulge we did!  I loved that I could relax and enjoy the company of the women that I consider to be some of the finest in existence on an occasion that really is such a precious moment in time for any young woman as you set forth to take the leap into married life.  
Nothing could have prepared me as I entered my own stunning bridal shower.  I was awestruck!
There were teapots filled with flowers.  There were platters overflowing with blooms.  Bunting was waving in the wind.  Little striped straws toted flags that read, "Drink Me".  There was a violinist.  A VIOLINIST!  It was a day I will never forget as long as I live.   Grandma Jones said it best, "This!  Now this was done right you see.".
My incredible bridesmaids, Mother & Mother-In-Law showed their affection for me in the way they cared for every element of this enchanting event.  Words simply don't do justice to my gratitude felt for this day - nor am I equip with the phrases to bring this vision to life.  Thankfully, Jamie Hodge of Jamie Lauren Photography was there to capture it all!

Without further delay, voila!

The theme was an elegant tea party, complete with hats, fascinators and all!  Favors were vintage teacups in charming little parcels as well as a heart-shaped tea infuser with adorable saying such as, "Love is Brewing" attached.  Notecards were filled in by each guest entailing how they knew me and favorite memories.  Each guest brought a photo of them and myself to hang with the collection - I got to take them all home after too!  Beautiful elements were loaned to us by The Cross Decor & Design (my most favorite store).  Several delightful games were played and giggles, champagne & tea ebbed and flowed.  My husband (husband!) came by too and needless to say he did not win the prize in the game of who knew me very best!

So long as I live I will never forget how beautiful and splendid this day was.  Not merely because of all the overwhelming pretty, the incredible location and  the day/weather on hand but because every face that I looked upon possessed a world of memories, past most especially, but in that moment I knew we were all sharing memories to last a lifetime in the present and I can hardly wait for those to come in the future.   

Cheers friends, have a fabulous long weekend!
With love, 

PS: my headpiece was from Jeweliette Jewellery and it was to-die-for!  Vintage bridal couture heaven.

Americana Themed Shoot

This Americana themed shoot is very sweet and offers a lot of great ideas for a brides! Each and every detail is just so sweet and I don’t know about you, but we kinda just wanna dive into that plate full of mini tarts and strawberries! 
Have a pretty Thursday!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

1920's wedding

Look at these dresses! This Darling 1920's vintage inspired wedding has all the finishing touches of a masterpiece. Shot by Josh Goleman and featured on Once Wed, we have to say we absolutely adore this!

Source: via Love on Pinterest

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