Wednesday, July 6, 2011

After the Big Day: Featuring the Mason Jar

Truth be told, after the hullabaloo over our big day has passed mason jars are going to run rampant not only in my own home but my darling parents' too!  Mason jars as vases, cups, sippy cups, storage containers (for, oh, everything), candle holders, lanterns, pen-holders - you name it, they're doing it.  Overkill?  Almost.
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I wouldn't say I am a hoarder by any means, but I don't know if I can part with ALL of them apres Mr&Mrs.  Thankfully, Meaghan of The Decorated Cookie has come to the rescue!  Phewf.

Enter: Meal in a Jar!  What a delightful way to pack snacks or use of a themed picnic!  Obviously I had considered the mundane people, but this is totally adorable:
She even goes so far as to give recipes for "jar meals" (as well as drink recipes), affixing labels & appropriate cutlery which we find adorable & appreciate entirely!

Sidenote: when the collection of mason jars began a friend & I ventured out to fill our carts brimming with boxes of the jars (successfully).  We were asked so many times what we were pickling or "jamming".  Every time I think of this I giggle.  I'm really quite a longshot from the "jamming" or pickling type, or so I'd thought...


Precious, right?  We think so too.  
Check out all of her delightful mason jar ideas & oh-so-much-goodness HERE!

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