Thursday, November 24, 2011

THE Wedding of All Time!

OK folks it's finally here.  It's the wedding you have been waiting to see since you were little gals (or guys)!  It's the world's most renowned couple of all time... Ok, ok we'll cut to the chase:
Posted in Rock n Roll Bride and Glamor's wedding blog (GLAMOR?!  Hilarious) Beatrice de Guigne's photos of her incredibly creative portrait of the glam couple's day have become somewhat of a blog-sensation.  We think she's pretty funny!

 This one cracks us up!

Hilarious, no?  I guess this has become pretty typical too...

FAVE! Hahahaha!

The back & white obligatory first dance photo - drama! 


Clearly Beatrice is a funny gal with a whole lot of talent!  We hope this made you laugh!

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