Thursday, December 22, 2011

Vintage Winter Wonderland Shoot!

Here at Love of Fair we think there's romance to be found in every season, but winter takes the cake.  Something about these perfectly-formed little snowflakes dancing down from the sky, the twinkling Christmas lights, the holiday cheer and the festive music... Don't even get us started on the magic behind the whole Santa & the North Pole ordeal.  We simply love it!  
This shoot styled and shot by Jenny Haas with a design by Ashley Krogman design has us drooling.  The acorn bouquet and the off-whites?  Yes, please.  I could go on about the vintage skates and the shots at the end forevermore.  But I won't!

Ok but the vintage sleds.  The bedframe.  Heaven.
We often wonder in staged shoots like this - do you think this is a real couple or models?  The way he's holding her chin here we just can't decide...!

Happy Holidays, 

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