Tuesday, June 21, 2011

An Exclusive Elopement!

This elopement is so loving and intimate that we had to post it & all of its elegance.
This private celebration has all the core components of a wedding (i.e. cake cutting, etc) — the only difference is, of course, there are no guests!  If you're going to elope, this is the way to do it.  So intimate, so special & so incredible.  We're certain every moment will be cherished for eternity by the two attendees: husband & wife. 
With feathers for an aisle runner and draped fabrics throughout the reception, this wedding has all the details a bride could dream of.  Simply stunning.

If we were the elopement type, this would be right up our ally.

The dream team was composed of:  Lisa Vorce, Aaron Delesie and Mindy Rice  which is very evident in the beauty of the celebration.  Splendid.

Have a beautiful day, 


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