Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Jenny Packham Brings Lavish Wedding Accessoires to Fruition

Many designers have recently jumped aboard the "wedding line" train, most recently Anthropologie which we featured here and here.  Undeniably many more designers will be quick to join this wedding-thrust specifically after the famed Royal Wedding!  We're entirely enthralled with it all, of course, but most recently have been captivated by Jenny Packham's line, although it's not necessarily new.  

Everything about her creations seems very sexy to me.  I remember when I saw images of a friend's wedding and she looked incredibly sexy and I realized that I hadn't really thought of that for my big day; I was just going with what I felt to be gorgeous and hoping it would make me feel likewise.  That said, Jenny's designs certainly capture both elements, wouldn't you say?  
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Definitely take a  gander at Jenny Packham's site for more beautiful couture wedding delight!  

Enjoy, friends!


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