Friday, October 21, 2011

Another Stunning DIY Wedding!

Ok - this wedding has a special place in my heart.  It exists in the realm where beauty is discovered in all things mis-matched and off beat.  I yearn to have the ability to let go and allow things to evolve organically for so many events but as a type-A and planner to an extreme I just can't do it!  Emily, however, of the following wedding certainly embraced spontaneity and the delectable photos you are about to feast your eyes upon are the results!  Just so we all are aware of my extreme jealousy: her bouquet she found at the flower market nearby and one vendor happened to have those peonies at his stand and they also just so happened to bloom into the most incredible bouquet of all time just in time for the wedding.  Whattaya know.  

I do want to mention that it's so easy to think that because there was a relaxed atmosphere created for the wedding then the set up/creation was as such *but* not to be fooled - friends and family of this beaming bride were on hand by the truckload simply to set up the wedding for two entire days prior!  
Braedon Photography captured this delightfulness for everyone to see!  And if you're wondering where this fabulous location is, The Dent House in Ojai is responsible for the goodness...

Have a wonderful weekend.  

PS: her dress is a Fendi '11 Runway gown.  Stellar, isn't it?

One last photo... This wedding party's ensembles are too cool...

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