Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Stunning, Photojournalist Picnic Wedding

When I first began the quest of choosing a wedding photographer there were oh-so-many that I was entirely enraptured by.  Blue Window Creative was a favorite of mine; I love the way they really embrace the photojournalistic approach and their artistry is out of this world!  I also have a soft spot for the vintage coloring they embrace in their photos.  Sometimes it's hard to decipher whether it's the photographer you adore or that which they are capturing, and this case is no exception,  but we feel as though it's the perfect showcase of an incredible talent capturing a simply wonderful celebration of love and life!  
We'll have to include a running commentary on this post because the images are just too good to contain ourselves!

The littles are underneath a parachute... Remember how much fun that was in elementary school?!

   Making the trek to the wedding site!

Why not head down to the stream to take a dip?  Isn't that always a part of the very best picnic day ever?
Egg toss time!!!

Of course they had a delightful game of tug-o-war!

Wasn't that fun?!  We think so too.  There can be so much beauty in a day based around that which you love doing together most.  Have a wonderful hump day!

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