Monday, September 19, 2011

Alice & Wonderland Themed Engagement Shoot

We love when couples decide to embark on a creative engagement shoot involving all sorts of props and ensemble changes. This engagement shoot has taken it to the next level.  Inspired by Alice & Wonderland, Three Nails Photography created a whimsical wonderland for this couple!  
Sometimes when you create a shoot that's somewhat "fabricated" authenticity actually flows because you can laugh at yourself and loosen up since you are having fun with it, after all!  Conversely, you can more readily embrace a "character" or the look you're aiming to achieve if you're staging a specific shoot.  
The very best results depend on a shoot that's well done with both parties completely welcoming the conceptual shoot, like this darling shoot below...  I am not sure if all of us could get our significant others to dress up in costume like this but we believe the end result here pure eccentric charm!

Cheers friends, hopefully this brought you fond memories of your childhood days when you yearned to be like any storybook heroine :)
Have a lovely day, 

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