Friday, September 16, 2011

Fall Elegance; DIY at it's finest!

We could hardly believe that the undertones of this wedding were pure DIY when we saw it.  It took our breath away!  The stunning gold dress?  Oh, the bride designed it and worked with a seamstress to have it come to life!  The florals, the food - her incredible family came together to create!  Talent runs through this bunch!  On that note, when a wedded union begins with underpinnings such as this labor of love from the family you can only imagine future predictions for the couple surrounded but this much love!  These stunning images were captured by the talent of Janelle Stephanie!
This wedding was featured on Summer Watkins' Grey Likes Weddings and we think she said it best, "Without further ado, here’s how to throw a DIY barn wedding (on a private property…boo!) that is still glamorous, classic, and timeless (all the things I love!)".  

PS: it had never rained in Santa Ynez on their wedding date, ever.  Until this wedding took place!  
PPS: the basset hounds and the flower girls?!  It's too much - love it!

Have a beautiful weekend, darling friends.


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