Friday, September 2, 2011

Budget Beautiful Bohemian Wedding!

We think it's safe to say we are smitten with weddings - but we'll let you in on a little secret - we don't thoroughly enjoy cookie-cutter weddings that lack the couple's personality.  Oftentimes weddings become an inauthentic display of affluence.  These weddings can be stunning but we gravitate towards the inspired, creative weddings that have oodles of personality & room for some fun!  All it takes is a whole lot of energy, creativity, time and man-power (usually of the female variety but we're thrilled with men who like to get their feet wet in the wedding planning hoopla) to create a stunning wedding that's truly a labor of love.  It's so immensely special that way.  
This wedding featured by the ever-popular, awe inspiring Green Wedding Shoes had us.  The details are there, the love is there, and certainly fun was present!  Thank you to Justin Lee Photography for capturing this beautiful day! 

 Our favorite...
 Her headband. His, well, everything in this photo.  Please and thanks.  
 Her eyes!  

 They had their dinner served via trailer!  You know how much we dote on food trailers...!

We think she too is a stunner much like surfer-chic engagement photos in the orange orchards.  They really have the head-tilt-for-forehead-kiss nailed. 

Have an incredible weekend!
Cheers loves.


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