Friday, January 20, 2012

Snowy, Timeless Engagement Shoot

In homage to the winter wonderland that is Vancouver...
For Vancouverites snow is so rare that when it does happen it covers our corner of the world in mystical dust which can only be considered beautiful, trouble though it may be.  These photos taken in a land we dote upon daily (although uncertain where in particular it exists) were shot by Rebekah Westover.  We love the {future} bride's choice of ensemble!  Bright is best in photos!

Happy winter, friends.


  1. Some lovely moments of life. Unforgettable scenes. makeup artist

  2. So romantic couple and awesome love. congratulations. online makeup course

  3. What a cute winter engagement portrait session. Great photos. And I LOVE what this couple chose to wear. Their outfits really stick out from the white showy landscape.


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