Thursday, January 5, 2012

TODAY is the DAY!

You guys!  
Today is going to be the very best day!  I remember last year when Style Me Pretty's 'Best of 2010' EGlossy came out and I was positively dying!  I couldn't believe that all of my favorites could end up in one place!  It was bananas and I loved every scrumptious detail of every stunning wedding...  Well, 2011 comes out today!  TODAY!  We may just sit in front of our computers and press refresh on SMP's site all day.  Because we're super cool and highly motivated to break our new years resolutions for this.  Because this is big in an, "ohhhh, ahhh" kinda way.
Oh my gosh, imagine that you were the bride on the cover?!  That would be fantastic!  Whoa, her wedding was so perfect.  You should spend your day perusing the 2010 edition if you haven't yet!  Drop everything actually.  "You should" was too mild of a directional command.  How's this - DO IT.
OK ok we'll stop... Until the EGlossy comes out.  Thank goodness my husband's away for several days - he won't know that I spent them drooling at the computer and by the time he gets home I'll have our one-year-renewal-of-vows celebration planned entirely!  As well as year two, three, four...That's normal, right?

Cheers, darlings.

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