Tuesday, January 17, 2012

We're Featured on Poppytalk!

We're positively thrilled to share with you one of our most favorite weddings we have ever, and likely will ever, coordinate!  Sarah and Raheel's wedding was as if it were out of a dream.  

The scenery was positively stunning - the mountains shot up to the sky.  A field of sunflowers and rows of lavender blew in the breeze behind the ceremony site.  The barn was lined with walls of hay and hanging lights.  The tables were set in the grass, their vintage elegance a gem in the natural surroundings.  Everything was dreamy.  

We worked with Jessica of Trove Vintage who created these positively perfect vignettes with her vintage pieces.  She had absolutely everything and her and her lovely husband are more than a dream to work with.  Her eye is killer - she has impeccable taste and ideas!  Pure Light Studios captured these lovely images you're about to feast your eyes upon!
When we visited the location initially we had some creative thinking as to how the whole day would unfold and how we could work the space.  Luckily it worked out so wonderfully, an ease to transitions and every space filled with precious touches.  The bouquets were created by Love of Fair - something we hadn't dabbled in but they were stunning!  The tables were so beautiful.  The vintage elements and the gifts.  
Everything was ethereal - please go visit poppytalk as well as Pure Light Studio's Blog to take in some serious eye candy- we're certain you won't regret it!

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