Monday, January 9, 2012

Style Me Pretty's 'Best Weddings of 2011' Thoughts

Hi lovelies, 
SO did you check out SMP's Best of 2011?!  You and the other 30, 000 people that have in the last several days (bonkers, right?!).  It's luscious.  Every precious moment!  
Our favorites?  OK.  Lets do 5.  In order.  

Kim's Top 5:
1. Alfresco Chic - Photos by Lisa Lefkowitz - see it all *here*

2. Rustic Elegance - photography by Jose Villa - see it all *here*

3.  Virbant in LA - photography by Erin Hearts Court  - see it all *here*

4. Eclectic Perfection - photos by Caroline Tran - see it all *here*

5. Sassy So-Cal - photos by Beaux Arts Photography - see it all *here*

What do you think friends?  Did I forget any favorites?  Which do you love very most?  
Happy day to you!
A huge, massive, loving thank you to Style Me Pretty for constant inspirations & beauty :)


PS: Stay tuned, Chanel may have some favorites too ;)


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