Friday, August 5, 2011

Our Very Own Wedding Photobooth!

In the everlasting spirit of "sharing is caring" I'm delighted to share some of my most favorite photobooth photo memories from my own wedding!  The incredible team of Melia & Jules (& Jonah) of Lucida Photography were on hand to capture these hilarious, precious moments in time.

I can't emphasize enough how meaningful these images are to us.  You're warned about a million times that your day will fly by and you will hardly have a moment to see everyone.  In truth, in the blink of an eye your most cherished day is over just as quickly as it began!  David and I were away on our honeymoon trying to figure out if we had been able to speak with all of our absolutely beloved guests.  On the last day of our honeymoon we received an email from Melia with this photobooth slideshow 
---> *click here*


What hams we have as friends!  What a fabulous way to capture all that are near and dear to you on your biggest day! We couldn't stop talking about how happy we were to have the photobooth at our wedding.

We are so grateful for Melia & Jules; the way they literally put every guest at ease so much so that these hilarious photos could come to fruition is incredible!  

I truly believe that a photobooth is a priceless addition to a wedding.  The moments captured are so genuine, the people that you so adore are all captured in their finest and the set up entails that the photos are authentic & taken lickity split so that precious time on the dance floor is not lost!

We couldn't be happier with them and we hope they made you smile on this sunny Friday!

Love of Fair is off to Pemberton for a stunning wedding at North Arm Farm!
Tata for now, friends!


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