Thursday, August 4, 2011

Santa Barbara Elegance

Michael + Anna Costa.…how do we love thee?  Must we count the ways?!  
You’ve given us such a lovely day of wedding gorgeousness, with photographs by Michael &  Anna Costa that would make even the grumpiest of wedding gurus smile in total delight.  This next fete is no exception. Complete with a modelesque bride and groom, the intimate, elegant and oh-so-romantic styling and the flowers that Camilla Svensson Burn crafted with pure love are so sophisticated and stunning!  It's no surprise Jill La Fleur was involved in a day this lovely, with a Santa Barbara backdrop that blessed her with the most perfect canvas to work her magic. 
Oh and there’s even more goodness in these galleries if you were to click right here.

San Ysidro Ranch, we would love to visit you!  The details of the small watercolors at each place setting, the chandeliers hanging from the trees and the lavender fields were just about enough to throw us over the edge.  Almost, but alas we have quite the feature in store for tomorrow so we held on.  
Stay tuned, 

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