Friday, August 12, 2011

A Vintage Backyard Wedding!

When I first got engaged I would use several words to describe the wedding I was hoping for: vintage, romantic... I forget the third but I know it became 'garden party' and 'elegant'.  If you mention this to people they generally have truly varied ideas but when I mentioned this to my darling neighbor Tina in Denver it turns out that we both had saved images of the exact same wedding as a favorite of ours!  Neither Tina nor I had weddings that were anything like this but incredibly wonderful all the same!  
Take a gander at this illustrator's wedding captured by Erica Schneider - do you adore it in the same way we do?

We most especially adore the string lights, the bridesmaid's jewels and the screen displaying a slideshow during the wedding!
Have a beautiful TGIF!

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