Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Wedding Ball!

Once Wed has been showcasing this incredible creative and beautiful wedding the past few days and we're in complete awe!  Not only is this bride's dress stunning, the free-spirited nature of this wedding ball to die for but the people in attendance are what really strike us - they're all neato!  A lady with a massive bow hat and a youngin with a fur bolero?  How does this happen?!  So incredible.  The bride made tags for the bridesmaid's ensembles that certainly became conversation starters!  A stop for tea post-ceremony, what a wonderful way to say hi to all of the guests!  Then the ball... Ohhh where to begin?

We can go on and on (and on) about this one but instead decided we should show you just what we're gushing about...  The photos were captured by Samm Blake of Australia are some of the very best!  Such a fitting style for the bride!  The flowers and event styling for the bride by Rebecca Grace were truly out of this world.

 And then following tea, the ball!

Incredible, no?  We don't know her but we'd like to!  How cool must this couple be?!

Enjoy this beautifully cloudy day!

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