Friday, August 19, 2011

Oh So Thankful

These two incredible, beautiful and talented ladies (and their equally as talented, dashing and delightful hubbies) captured David and I in the most stunningly beautiful ways and I am so honored to know them and grateful for their creative brilliance that miraculously was reflected upon us!  Incredible photography is invaluable and I am certain I will never be able to take in the depth of their talents that we were lucky enough to experience for both our wedding day photos and engagement photos.

The oh-so-lovely, incredibly kind and sincere Jesse of Our Labor of Love and I (Kim) at our rehearsal dinner.  We actually met this night and both David and I (along with all of our wedding party & families) could not get over the awe we felt for this inspired and fun, casual couple.  They felt like old friends of the very best sort.
It's virtually impossible to choose a photo but here's several neat shots from our wedding day by Our Labour of Love

Evidently these photos are of the big reveal.  It was for certain one of the most exciting and thrilling moments of my life followed by complete, total and utter happiness once we got to get a glimpse of one another on the very best day.

The supremely talented and inspiring Melia of Lucida Photography and I (and Jonah, her precious baby boy & bundle of bliss) at her wedding photobooth on our big day.  This image captures the full-circle Melia and I experienced from me emailing to no avail begging her to do our engagement shoot whilst her and Jules were trying to have a baby.  For some unknown (fateful) reason I poured my heart into an email about how I sincerely believed that it would happen for them (although we had never met and only once emailed) and lo and behold not only did Melia end up shooting our engagement shoot but her and Jules have a beautiful family with little Jonah. Melia and I became friends over emails all in the span of of an incredible year for us both!  

Here's two stunning photos Melia shot of us for our Engagement shoot.  I actually have yet to come close to choosing a favorite and suppose I may battle this "dilemma" forever, which I am giddy about.  

Thank goodness for wonderful people like them.  We are so grateful for their brilliance.

Have a beautiful weekend.
(and always C)

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