Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sharing: Our Engagement Photos by Lucida Photography

We're firm, steadfast believers in the value of excellent photos.  


Aside from having a total blast with this utterly delightful pair we couldn't be happier with the momentos captured forever.  

My goal was to have images that:

A) reflected us 
B) were in the moment 
C) artistic, because I knew that I didn't want to be showcasing a simply fabulous photo of us looking right at the camera smiling in our home or wherever it may end up being displayed.  

(a leaf fell from the tree above the moment we attempted to act serene)
To reflect us I staged the shoot with elements like the Hudson's Bay blanket to reflect that we're Canadian even though we live in the US of A part time.  We had a little staged picnic, primarily to distract us from smiling right at the camera (although I could never stop).  We took the photos in Deep Cove, B.C. because we're both from this quaint, perfect, little nook in a big world.  We also brought our puppies because they are everything and then some to us.  Also, we had a dominant nautical theme going in terms of our ensembles, made complete with buoys, a rowboat,  a lifesaver et cetera.  Oh, and we brought a mason jar (a prevalent theme of our wedding) to tie it all together in one big ol' cohesive bundle of sumptuous images.  

We also planned some total cheese, like:
Tying the knot...

taking the plunge...

The water was warm so we stayed a while...
These photos couldn't be more in the moment, which I am so grateful for.  It was perfect.  Wilbur was near fainting (this is common for our darling fella) so hence all the care being given to him.  The "champagne" my darling mother packed must have been at least 200 years old (they're huge party animals) and so when we popped it open a fountain ensued that continued for so long that the bottle was nearly empty!  Finally, the day was so hot that we ditched the 2nd location (which was the seawall under the lighthouse at Stanley Park on our cruisers) and opted to jump in the ocean - proving for some of the most memorable, wonderful, honest images that we adore.

In terms of artistry - I begged Melia to shoot us :)  She has such a beautiful eye, the sunbeams shine through the soft pastel images.  I couldn't have wished for more and I will never admit how many times we watched the slideshow (set so very perfectly to Florence & the Machine's 'Dog Days are Over').

In all honesty we were literally deciding on a date based around my fiance's bonkers schedule & on a Sunday evening we decided Tuesday it was - so in those days I scrambled to make my ideas come to fruition and Melia couldn't have seen precisely what we were going for more accurately.  Can you tell we're elated with the photos?

In fact, Lucida's images were featured on one of our favorite blogs for dreamy wedding images, Junebug Weddings ---> here!

I hope you like the photos :)

We wonder, what would be your most favorite props for an engagement shoot?  Would you stage it?  What is most important to you in photos?

Have a marvelous Wednesday,

PS: it took me eons to decide on which photos to share... I find a new favorite


  1. Still in love with these Kim! I love the thought that went into it and the resulting images that came out so naturally! You really do know what you're doing :-)


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