Monday, May 9, 2011

Spotlight: Creative Inspiration - the talents of Miss Ashley Meaders of The Flashdance!

Last week we unveiled BHLDN Decor to all of you darlings who may opt for purchasing decorative elements for an event or specifically THE event over DIY-ing them.  So this week, in complete contrast we thought we would showcase the creative talents of a certain favorite of ours that I have followed for quite some time now that just might have you running to the closest craft store in a burst of inspiration!  Well, unless her work simply inspires you to give her a jingle this instant which we understand entirely.
{Ashley via Bella Figura}

Without further delay let us introduce to you Ashley Meaders of The Flashdance - a collaboration of the utmost most talented elements of the wedding realm located all over the US of A (primarily Southern California & Atlanta Georgia).  FYI: Our Labour of Love, one of the photography elements in this remarkable collaboration whose work is shown here is our wedding photographer... But more on that later!  IF I were in the business of international imports/exports with some super duper hookup the entirety of the Flashdance would be a part of our big day, but alas, I am not.

In the wedding world DIY (do it yourself) takes on a whole new identity.  It ranges from creating paper work or creative decor that makes or breaks an event all the way to reinventing the wheel.  This week we would like to showcase how ToDieFor DIY brilliant creations can be, especially when Ashley has a hand in it! 
Today we'll start with a collaboration creation between Ashley & Amy Osaba circulating the blog world: hanging over-flowing flower baskets, whimsical & bright fabric table numbers, seating card table, and flowy cloth chandeliers to create a look we're over the moon about! 

{photos via 100 Layer Cake taken by Our Labour of Love & styled by Ashley Meaders}


Charming, no?  
Can't wait to share some more talented folks with you tomorrow, friends.

{Entire post street cred: photography by Our Labour of Love, styled by Ashley Meaders via 100 Layer Cake}

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