Monday, May 16, 2011

So Very Smitten: Pinterest

We may be late to jump on the ever-growing absolutely scrumptious Pinterest bandwagon in terms of it's lifespan but we were be sure to jump aboard upon conception of Love of Fair!  
Obsessed with it?  Well that would be putting it mildly...  

So essentially, in our non-technological terms, what you do is request an invite (which obviously only makes it more elitist - although we're sure everyone gets one - and sought after) and then when you attempt to "pin" your first swoon-worthy photo Pinterest helps you add the "pin it" symbol to your bookmark bar and then wherever you are on the WWW (world wide web) you can click pin it and ta da the image you heart is placed in a designated folder of your choosing, with it's source etc. rightfully linked so it's all a-ok to post away!  Delightful, right?  For those of you who are obsessed with organizing, then holy bananas it's fabulous!  I can literally see my thoughts there.  

Heaven. On. Earth.
Here are some of our favorites images that we have pinned:
(I couldn't choose favorites)
{ by Ian Gilman }
Honeymoons - wouldn't mind strolling along these walks with my love, would you?
{via }
This has been a favorite for quite some time - crushing on everything.  Pink sparkles & ruffles & *love* & beautiful quotes! Sigh.
Oh I would love to spend the day playing cards in this enchanting tent!  Engagement photo inspiration.  Their feet are intwined.  Lurve.

{photo by Our Labour of Love via Our Blog of Love}
Look at these little lads, the bearers of good news!  Great idea... Martha Stewart has the template for these on her website PS.

Brilliance, right?  We think so too!
If you are a shopper, however, look out!  I can't stop categorizing all of my "gimme gimmes"!

If you would like to browse our boards of love please feel free to feast your eyes upon images of things we adore *here*.

Happy Monday!
xo Kim

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