Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Starting Tuesday off right with more of Miss Ashley Meader's knack for goodness!

I know, we can't stop oogling those delightful images from Monday either, however, as always Tuesday has rolled around and we're hoping it's going to be a splendid one :)  
Tuesday is such an underrated day - Monday is big because it starts the week, Wednesday is a) hard to spell and b) hump day, Thursday is virtually Friday for 95% of the population and then Friday - as if Friday needs any more hype. Please.  TGIF.
To help delightful Tuesdays pick up some cred we thought we would post some loveliness to start your day off right, with a morning spread styled by the delightful Ashley for Design Sponge as part of Once Wed's "Beyond the Big Day" monthly read.  The photographers?  Just the ever-talented Our Labour of Love (did I mention they're shooting our wedding?  I did?  I might again...).

{photos via: Ashley Meaders, shot by Our Labour of Love for Once Wed}

PS: this is a selection of photos I have actually been toting around (to several computers thus far) *that's* how fabulous this shoot is.  So precious for a Sunday brunch with girlfriends, right?

PPS: I have a little giggle every time at the names of the attendees at this gathering!  Olive, Estella & Lucy - can I come?!  They sound so refined.  That's probably why they have such a pretty party set up going on here...

I know, we are already itching to see tomorrow's posting too!

Until then, have a beautiful Tuesday!
xo, K (&C)

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