Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Save the Date! Innovative Ways to Announce the Big Day!

Gone are the days of classic snail mail for plenty of creative engaged couples; todays brides have become more innovative in their endeavors to set their wedding apart from other and establish the tone for their nuptials via the very first tidbit guests get a glimpse of: the Save the Date.

The delightfully creative team at Martha Stewart Weddings provides brides with some wonderful ideas for save-the-dates!  See for yourself:


{all prior photos via Martha Stewart Weddings}

{via Grey Likes Weddings}

Designer Yeri Yun's original bunting save the date has been recreated several times by brides yearning for a getaway from the everyday - isn't it fabulous?

We especially love the sketched element by the Knot...isn't it pretty!
{via the}
However, our heart goes out to the handkerchiefs spotted on Style Me Pretty:
{via Style Me Pretty}
The idea was also featured on Ruffled's Blog:
{via Ruffled Blog, photos by Alisha Clark}

{via Ruffled Blog}
To be entirely honest, if there was one thing I could re-do for our wedding it would be all of our stationary thus far.  Alas, had I wheelbarrows of dollars I could dwell on this subject for some time but I won't!  We're less than 2 months away with bigger fish to fry & loads of delightfulness packed into the big day!

OK last two, we pinky swear!
See that?  Pinky swear!  We're silly.
{1. via: Victoria with Roses 2. via:}

Constant inspiration.  As people who adore all fresh & creative ideas we're entirely indecisive as to which save the date is our number one... Do you have a favorite?  We could never choose one!

Vintage postcards were a number one for myself when my fiance and I were deciding upon a save the date memo.  I searched high & low for 200+ postcards of Victoria, B.C, Canada and lets just say that if we were getting married in SanFran or California this vision could be a reality... There was only one postcard of our wedding venue, for $14.  So I bought it, framed it, and placed it on my desk, hoping that would suffice.  Please notice the Niagra Falls vintage postcards showcased here.  Sigh.
Happy Wednesday.  
PS: The word of the day is:    


 \kuh-NOO-bee-ul; -NYOO-\ , adjective;

Of or pertaining to marriage, or the marriage state; conjugal; nuptial.


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  1. I absolutely love the post-it note save the date idea! So cute but totally practical!
    Beautiful post you two!


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