Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Our DIY muse; Ashley Meaders' wedding details showcase continues...

The scope of the talented Miss Meaders is quite limitless and she thrills us so that it's hard to choose absolute favorites to share with you, although we're certain Ashley's work will be featured forevermore by us ladies of Love of Fair :)

Max & Margaux's wedding was honestly probably as highly anticipated by the blogging world as the Royal Wedding was by the world!  You see, Max is also a part of The Flashdance - splitting the role with OLOL as the most coveted photographers out there!**  SO when Our Labour of Love released their delectable images we drooled over  Since the two photographers in The Flashdance collaboration were involved combined Ashley's talents we were certain these photos and creative genius would satiate us!  
What ensued was pure bliss:
A theme of stuffed hearts & fabric pieces ruled the day
Ruffled garland brilliance

stuffed hearts for smilebooth props & pillows
A swing!  I do believe this is the stuff dreams are made of...
Both Max & Margaux arranged letters to say a little something to their lovebird while the other couldn't peek!
The string lights make this scenario even more fantastic!
The fabric piece installation we're sure is somewhere brilliant now, covered with all of their guests' well-wishes!

{photos via:, taken by Our Labour of Love & styled by Ashley Meaders}

The hearts - on the cake, as props for photos and smilebooth, the ruffled garland, the fabric installation (pictured above) for the entryway as a guestbook, *a swing*!  Every delectable detail was perfection.  
Don't you think?  

PS: aren't they a beautiful couple?

**Sidenote: I am being entirely biased at the moment and we will certainly elaborate on the overwhelming amount of talent in the world of photography that we can't even begin to delve into at this moment but of course will attempt in vain.  Furthermore, we do not claim to be any sort of masters of that realm because it's!  

{photos via:, taken by Our Labour of Love & styled by Ashley Meaders}

Didn't hump day just become oh so much easier?

Not yet?  Watch this video by The Sharkpig - The Flashdance's creative brilliance behind the video camera!

K (&C)

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