Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Theme Runs Through It: Miss Meader's Event Motif Ingenuity

On the hunt for some seemingly simple decor that makes quite an impact?  
Look no further!  FRINGE!
Ashley Meader's styled shoot for Once Wed's Beyond the Big Day monthly column has inspired us once more, with a uncomplicated cohesive theme woven throughout the entire fabulous affair. 

Inspiring isn't it?

{Once more, photography by Our Labour of Love, styled by Ashley Meaders & created for Once Wed}

Don't you think these little details make an event that much more unique & outstanding?  We do... Of course we do.

Her incredible ideas have taken off - here's another example of pretty *fringe*.  What a great name...
We're already a little heart heavy that Friday will be the last day of this week of inspiration!  But alas, not for forever!

Thursday, what a fabulous day.  Enjoy it, friends
K (&C)

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